Thanks for everyone who applied! If you get to be chosen, you'll be hearing from us!

Hello everyone! yes you are reading this correctly!

We are looking for new Testers to add to our Ranks as we are reaching a Point where we need at least 10 players at the same time on one map to test things as Intense as possible!

How can you sign up for Beta Testing? Well quite simple! First you need your Forum Account linked to the Discord server don't know how to do that? Follow the steps here.

After that you need to Link your Steam account and proof that you officially own Half Life right here. Remember that your Steam Profile and Game List HAS to be public, else you are not able to verify.

Once both steps are complete you can head on over to the Beta Tester Application Form!

We hope to work with you in the Future!

Your ESF Team

PS: If it says you are lacking Permission you failed one of the steps!
Do you think you are the best ESF 1.2.3 player out there? This is your chance to prove it! Join the Legacy Tournament today and win awesome prizes!

UPDATE - applications are now closed. More info soon.

Get the chance to have your very own statue in the City map of ESF Final! Get the game you always wanted, but never wanted to spend a dime for it! If you win the tournament, it'll be yours!

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As of a little while ago, the forums have been upgraded to a newer forum software. If you by any chance have the time to check it out to see if your account is still in working order, that would be great! Though, a kind reminder that all steam logins have been erased, so you will need to re-associate your steam account with your forum account. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes, it just couldn't be avoided.

If you need any assistance in recovering your account, you can attempt to reset your password at or you could fill in the the Contact Form at

You are also welcome to join our discord server for assistance

In case you didn't know yet, ESF-World is also back in action. You can check it out at The site is dedicated to custom files for ESF v1.2.3. All of the files that were uploaded in the past still exists. Custom files are still being released on a regular basis and there is no end in sight! So why not try out some of the old ones for a change.

So let's talk about ESF: Final now.

While development of ESF Final isn't going as fast as we hoped to be, it's still an ongoing project!

antiReady (aka DJ-Ready) has made significant progress and is nearing completion of all current Work in Progress maps. Some have been removed due to them either being obsolete, lacking quality or being re-made entirely. Don't worry though, these obsolete maps may be released as some sort of archived or beta map-pack later, after ESF Final releases.

Multiple maps, with some long distance shots. As you can see, huge maps are indeed possible.

To give you a good example how huge the map can be, check out the 2 video's below. The first one will show you the border distance between 3 points (2 struggles and 1 person recording) shown through a power struggle. While the other video will show that going through the border (which by default you normally can't go through), you can fly/walk/swim indefinitely. Though for the purpose of that video, only a small portion is shown.

Andreasus and Dio are working hard on finishing up the last few missing models before giving the finishing touches to the existing ones. Currently, only Buu (final 2 forms), Cell (final form) and Goku (SSJ3) are all that's left.

(New cell images (and turntable) will be shown soon in the near future)

Fattum (our latest additional coder) is almost done finalizing the struggle system. And if there's time to spare, it'll be enhanced with OpenGL which in the end will display logic of the beams, this will allow the client to alter the geometry of the beam, which will help with straightening them. To give you a demonstration how a struggle will look like, go check out the video below:

Dalte as usual, is up to no good. Though he's been making some amazing stuff lately. Here's a sneak peak of him finishing up Vegeta's hair transition transformation sequence and thunder/lightning effects for Goku's transformation in the background.

While the models and maps are coming to a close, the FX, optimization, animation and bug fixes is pretty much the only thing left to do. Which pretty much means coding is the most part that is left.

Until then. Stay tuned for future updates! Hope to see you around!

Welcome back Earth's Special Forces fans, and sorry for the long wait ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Although we have been away from the spotlight for quite sometime, we can assure you that we have been working harder than ever. Over the past few months we have been able to complete much of our gameplay content. Today however, we are going to focus on the members of the bad ass Saiyan Trio: Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks. In the Trailer below you will be able to see the variety of Melee Combat and some Super Moves available, all 3 characters' Transformations, and some of their signature Blasts and Attacks. Also, don't worry your other favorite characters will also be shown off in the soon enough in a similarly juicy presentation.

Anywho, enough talking though, what better way to say it than to actually show you. A picture says 1000 words, so a beautiful trailer says a BungTrillion words...

Remember everything you see below is 'Work In Progress' and is bound to reach its maximum levels of sexiness upon release. Enjoy, and as usual we thank you guys and appreciate all the love and support.

Oh and also, here are some delicious screenshots that I had laying around as well ( notice the different HUDs none are final of course, just demonstrating that you can use any style you want ^_^ )

Make sure to Stay Tuned for Updates. We have tons of content coming down the pipeline for you! Have a great weekend!!!